The Balloon

Making Machine

It’s a magical spectacle, but with a twist — balloons!

By Drew Ripley Entertainment

Imagine magic and balloons joined together in an entertaining, new-concept show.

The Magic!

When kids see a fascinating magic trick for the first time – their jaws drop down. When they see the same trick the tenth time, they scream and shout “I know that.” Now multiply that with ten or twenty or thirty kids, and you get a situation that can frustrate anyone.

Truly unique magic is key for a great show. We created our magic with balloons – The Balloon Making Machine Show – and it is truly one of a kind!

The Balloon Making Machine Show is like a magic show – fun, surprising and captivating – only we surprise everyone and use a balloon in every part of the show.

Filled with handmade gorgeous illusions, balloon gags, and comedy, you just know that the kids will burst with excitement! Pun intended!

Book this highly entertaining magic show that has delighted hundreds of families all over Ontario and give your guests the gift of laughter and whimsy.

What Will the Family Experience?

Imagine all the kids and the adults laughing together as Drew tries to use his Balloon Making Machines, but everything goes wrong. Will he manage to make the machines work, or will the kids end up saving the day? Drew has entertained hundreds of audiences across Ontario so you can ask over your favorite local facebook group for the answer… or just book the show and find out by yourself!

Volunteers are constantly part of the show, and they become part of the various machines that require the use of balloons.


This show is for you if you are located in Canada (we tour) and you can relate to one of the following:

We are a Non Profit Organization looking for a unique magic show for a good cause.

We are a Festival, looking for a fun family act for an amazing and public event.

We are a Company that wants to celebrate an event and plan to wow our employees or Customers.

We are a Family looking for a big splash at our celebration.



Drew put on a fantastic show at the St. Marys Public Library for our Summer Reading Program. He kept the children entertained for the entire time and the auditorium was full of laughter for the full 45 minutes. He is an excellent and responsible performer that you are bound to enjoy.

Christina Donati

Drew Ripley as an entertainer is top notch. We always invite him to our annual Hohner Avenue Porch Party, and he does something different to keep the neighbourhood kids in awe year after year. I would recommend him to any group whether it be kids or adults, small groups or large groups.

Jessie Eulenberg

Drew was amazing! For my daughter's tenth birthday we decided on a circus theme with balloons, clown noses and Drew! The kids loved him almost as much as the adults! Funny, playful, silly and super talented; he made the day amazing. Worth every penny. Thanks Drew!

Nikki Tremblay

Everyone loved the show, so creative and different. I booked him for my son's 1st birthday and so glad I did. Great for both adults and children. Drew handled the excited kids very well. He was professional and flexible. I will recommend Drew Ripley Entertainment to everyone!!!

Mallory Matt


3 most popular packages

Really affordable

One Show – Enjoy a wonderful show for any sized group!

Save Money Deal

One Show & Balloon Twisting – Save on travel and time by including balloon twisting!

Flexible Enough

All Weekend – As many shows as we can squeeze in for one amazing price!

Unique Show

Incredible Balloons

Ridiculous Machines


How long is the show, and how much space do you need?

Each show is approximately 45 minutes long. A minimum of 12 feet by 8 feet is preferred, although Drew has managed to perform in much tighter spaces. A higher ceiling (minimum 8 feet) is also preferred.

Who made the original show?

This is a one of a kind show with props invented by Drew Ripley and directed by Danny Schlesinger of the UK. No one else performs this show or has access to these stylized illusions anywhere in the world. Curious? Click  here for Drew’s bio.

How far in advance do we need to book a show?

Drew can book as much as a year in advance, but also have some dates open only 3 to 4 weeks before, so it just depends on what other dates have already been booked. It’s best to have two or three dates available, so that you are able to get something that works for you. So hurry up and call now.

What is the booking process?

Give us a call to check for availability. Once the day is set, all it takes is a brief discussion on time, location, and audience size. We will produce a custom quote at no charge. Smiles guaranteed.

Can we also add balloon twisting?

Of Course! We always recommend that balloon twisting happens after the show. If time is tight, we can have balloons ready made as handouts for guests, or try the magic of the entire audience learning to twist balloons all at once!

What do we need to provide?

The show is self contained! All we will need is a standard power outlet, 30 minutes of setup time, the performance space, and an audience ready to have fun! A loading zone or parking nearby is also a big help!

We are a small event, can we have one show for the entire event?

Of course! Everyone can have a fun time too whether it is multi-event festival or one giant one room party.

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